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    Dan Fergus Collection

                         Seventh Street - Fort Worth

                           Fair Building - Fort Worth


    Summary: Donor gave a set of 13 black and white photographs, of city scenes of Dallas and Fort Worth by an unknown commercial photographer to be sold as a set.

    1. Aerial view of Downtown Dallas, looking north of Dealey Plaza
    2. Union Passenger Station (1916) and Houston Street Post Office, Dallas
    3. New Federal Building, Dallas
    4. Central Campus Quadrangle S.M.U., Dallas
    5. Municipal Auditorium, Fair Park, Dallas
    6. Seventh Street, Fort Worth (image shown)
    7. The Fair Building, Fort Worth, W. 7th and Throckmorton, southwest corner (image shown)
    8. Medical Arts Building and Burnett Park, Fort Worth
    9. Public Library, Fort Worth, 9th and Throckmorton
    10. Will Rogers Memorial Coliseum, Fort Worth (with no statue)
    11. T and P Terminal Warehouse, Fort Worth
    12. City County Hospital, Fort Worth (becomes John Peter Smith in 1952)
    13. Municipal Airport, Fort Worth (named Meacham Field in 1927, terminal completed in 1937)



    Will Rogers Memorial Coliseum