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    Evan Stanley Farrington III Collection

    The Yellow Jacket 1938 dedication for Evan Stanley Farrington Sr.

    Pictured: Evan Stanley Farrington Sr., dedication from The Yellow Jacket, 1938

    Summary: The Farrington Collection contains digital scans of family scrapbooks, photographs and football programs related to E.S. Farrington Sr., the donor's grandfather and the man for whom Farrington Field was named, as well as items related to King's Candy of Fort Worth and family records.

    Image Caption: "To the revered memory of the late E.S. Farrington, who for many years devoted his time and interest to high school athletics, and who made possible the construction of the new football stadium, we sincerely dedicate this book. -THE SENIOR CLASS"

    Digital Photographs and Documents

    • Evan Stanley Sr. items related to Baylor (diploma, homecoming program)
    • Photographs of ink desk set (believed to have been owned by Mr. Friend)
    • Farrington Family Photos
      • Evan Jones and Edna Booth Farrington
      • Evan Stanley Farrington Jr.
      • Evan Stanley Farrington Sr.
      • Scrapbook containing childhood photographs of Dorothy and Helen Farrington, Rebecca Estill and Evan S. Farrington Sr.
      • Scrapbook of snap shots
      • Scrapbooks of newspaper clippings on football and Evan S. Farrington Sr.
      • Scrapbook (partially scanned) with items related to Texas Christian University and Grapevine High School
      • Two Farrington Family scrapbooks
      • Sidney King Farrington (Mrs. E.S. Farrington Sr.)
      • Terry King and Mary Sidney Cunningham King (photos and funeral service booklet)
      • Photographs of pocket watch given to Farrington Sr.
      • Report on Public Schools 1924 (pages mentioning Farrington or showing images of public schools)
      • 1911 Peace Maker Cook Book
      • 1941 TCU Graduation Program
      • 1944 Paschal High School Graduation Program
      • 1950 Galveston Graduation Program (Evan S. Farrington Jr.)
      • 1938 Baptismal Certificate
      • Evan S. Farrington Jr. Doctoral Diploma 1950
      • 1944 Paschal Diploma of Evan S. Farrington Jr.
      • 1932 TCU Masters Diploma of Evan S. Farrington Jr.
      • Birth, marriage, and death records
      • Cover and one interior page of 1961 Silver Anniversary Edition of Colonial Columns
      • Cover and one interior page of Sorority and Fraternity Directory Fort Worth 1943-44
      • Galveston Medical Branch logo

    Photocopied Records

    • Graduation programs
    • Newspaper clippings, including obituaries for Olin Davis, Mary Sidney Cunningham King (Mrs. Terry King) and Sidney King Farrington (Mrs. Evan S. Farrington Sr.), information of Farrington Field, Clark School, Baylor
    • Information on Colonel S.P. Cunningham, editor of Texas Livestock Journal
    • Farrington Field visit by Douglas MacArthur commemorative button with ribbon
    • Grapevine Public Schools annual catalogs/annoucements, 1913-1914, 1914-1915, 1915-1916
    • Farringotn family photos, genealogy and records
    • Wedding Book of Evan S. Farrington Jr. and Sidney King

    Accessibility Notice: Due to the age and complexity of the original material, some items may be composed of scanned images. If you need assistance accessing the content in one of the PDF documents on the Archives pages, please contact Archivist Dawn Youngblood at 817-884-3272.