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    Daughters of the American Revolution, Six Flags Chapter


    Frenchman's Well DAR.




    Summary: This group donated their scrap books from the origin of their chapter in 1928 through to 1986. The first scrapbook holds documentation regarding the selection of their chapter name and foundational letters. Also to be found in the scrapbooks are snapshots of historical sites the DAR Six Flags Chapter attempted to mark and preserve. Pictured is the Frenchman's Well, which was located near the corner of Belknap and Taylor Streets in downtown Fort Worth and is documented as having its origins in 1857. The image was taken by club member Rosa Linda Harris Woods in February 1935, prior to the placement of the DAR signage. The children are believed to be local neighborhood girls, as at that time the vicinity was still residential, but no identification of them is offered in the scrapbook.

    • 1928-1943 scrapbook (includes image shown at right)
    • 1946-1948 scrapbook
    • 1970-1972 scrapbook
    • 1973-1974 scrapbook
    • 1974-1976 scrapbook
    • 1976-1982 scrapbook
    • 1982-1984 scrapbook
    • 1984-1986 scrapbook

    Follow link to view digitized Daughters of the American Revolution Scrapbooks page.