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    Kerry Coy Collection

    Summary: A collection on the Samuels Avenue and Rock Island Neighborhoods.

    • Manuscript: "Sharing the Past and Present Memories of Rock Island and Samuels Avenue Communities" by Marion L. Burda, Samuels Avenue resident, Fort Worth, Texas. Four pages typed with author's signature on last page 
    • Five-page list of Samuels Avenue neighborhood property-owners with addresses from 400 Samuels Avenue to 2001 Samuels Avenue
    • Eight pages of machine copies of plats of Samuels Avenue to NE 12th Street, including some streets in Rock Island neighborhood, railroad tracks, and land off of Cold Springs Road. One page gives blocks from Original Town, north from Second Street to just past Charles Nash Elementary; west from Jones Street, east to Samuels, with some lines showing for Burlington, Northern and Santa Fe Railroad.
    823 Samuels Ave