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    Raymond H. Copeland Collection

    Summary: Donor's father was an executive at Stripling-Jenkins Company, a garment manufacturing company in Fort Worth in the 1910's. Some photographs are from that connection.
    • Photograph: Ida Jenkins, 4 by 6 inches, brown-toned portrait photograph from the Swartz Studio, Fort Worth, Texas. Photograph is signed on front of mat: "Yours sincerely Ida Jenkins" - Written in ink on back: Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Copeland In the 1914 and 1916 Fort Worth City Directory, she is listed as a bookkeeper for Stripling-Jenkins and living with Peter Jenkins
    • Photograph: The Stripling-Jenkins Co. Ball Teams at Handley August 14, 1914 6 by 8 inches, sepia mounted on card mat. Written in black ink on front: Pete Jenkins A S Copeland - Written in ink on back: A S Copeland was secretary -treasurer of company 1914
    • Photograph: Stripling - Jenkins Company, Manufacturer of the Goodtex Garments. No date, but from clothes on the young men at the ends of the group, it would appear that it was from the 1914 era as well. Executives in suits, women in long dresses, young men in sports clothes are all standing in street in front of their business. At this time, company was on the 4th floor of the Stripling Building, 210 Main. The photo could have been taken on Main or W. First. According to the 1914, Fort Worth City Directory, A. S. Copeland was working for Waples Platter Grocery Company as a clerk in 1914; but in 1916 he is listed as a book keeper for Stripling-Jenkins.  8 by 34 inches stereoscopic black and white
    • Photograph: Central High School Graduating class of 1925. Robert Lee Paschal, principal. United Photo Service, 513 Main Fort Worth, Texas. 10 by 30 inches. Black and white stereoscopic. Raymond H Copeland was a member of this class
    • Photograph: Christmas Gathering of Precinct 1 Employees, December 24, 1936. Earl Mitchell, County Commissioner; Ben Renfro, superintendent. United Photo Service Co. Fort Worth. 3600 S. Jennings past Ripy Street. A. S. Copeland was working at the garage at this time; son Raymond was working for the newspaper service. 8 by 30 inches, black and white
    • Photograph: 143rd Infantry, Company A, from Camp Bowie, in France