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    Frances Sells Cartwright Collection

    Summary: Donor contributed a photograph of County Clerk "Happy" Shelton and staff, dated January 10, 1935, 13 by 11 inches, black and white by United Photo Services. County Clerk and staff are standing on eastern steps of 1895 Courthouse, Tarrant County, following their taking oaths of office. Donor is on top row, second to left. Mr. Shelton is standing in center, front row, with striped tie and wearing glasses. Photograph has several tears, largest being on left center edge. There is a crack in the surface of the photo that runs vertically to the right of Mr. Shelton. Written in black ink on back of photo: Frances Sells Cartwright (Mrs. Robert L. Cartwright) m. November 27, 1938, employed by both Happy and Mrs. Happy, January 1935 until 1941. Donor has also included a sheet with names of many of people in photo.