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    Brazos Productions

    Summary: The Archives furnished a photograph for this video production company. The Archives letter of agreement is dated January 10, 1994.  Great Chiefs at the Crossroads, narrated by Kris Kristofferson, is part three of the Adventures of the Old West series. It provides historical accounts of leaders of Indian tribes whose people were driven from their lands and had their way of life disrupted by white settlers. The story of how these Native American leaders attempted to make peace is told with the support of authentic accounts, news stories, journals and old photographs. Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull of the Sioux, Quanah of the Comanche, Standing Bear of the Poncas, Wahakie of the Shoshone and other great chiefs of the time are featured.
    • Video cassette (VCR): "Great Chiefs at the Crossroads" produced by Brazos Productions, 1994, Brazos Productions, 11811 West Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90064