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    Year Name 
    1876 (Appointed by Court - January 3, 1876 through April 18, 1876) G. Nance
    1876-1880 (May 15, 1876 through November 1, 1880) J.P. Woods
    1880-1888 (November 3, 1880 through November 5, 1888) John F. Swayne
    1888-1898 (November 6, 1888 through November 25, 1898) John P. King
    1898-1902 (November 26, 1898 through November 14, 1902) W.E. Butler
    1902-1906 (November 15, 1902 through November 16, 1906) R.L. Rogers
    1906-1910 (November 17, 1906 through November 18, 1910) John A Kee
    1910-1914 (November 19, 1910 through November 16, 1914) A. J. Beavers
    1914-1917 (November 17, 1914 through November 16, 1917) W. H Logan
    1917-1918 (November 17, 1917 through December 1, 1918) Charles H Rose
    1918-1922 (December 2, 1918 through January 21, 1922) Bart Mymatt
    1922-1926 (January 22, 1922 through November 11, 1926) Ed Sorrels
    1926-1930 (November 12, 1926 through December 31, 1930) Chester Hollis
    1931-1933 (January 1, 1931 through January 1, 1933) Orville Beall
    1933-1935 (January 2, 1933 through January 1, 1935) W.W. Miller
    1935-1936 (January 1, 1935 through July 16, 1936 - died in Office) J.W. “Happy” Shelton
    1936-1937 (Appointed by Court - July 16, 1936 through December 31, 1937) Mrs. “Happy" Shelton-Wood
    1937-1943 (Elected to full Term -  January 1, 1937 through December 31, 1943) Mrs. “Happy" Shelton-Wood
    1943-1962 (January 1, 1943 through March 26, 1962 - died in Office) Melvin Faulk
    1962 (Appointed by Court - March 26, 1962 through December 31, 1962) Mrs. Melvin Faulk
    1963-1972 (January 1, 1963 through January 16, 1972) W.C. “Red” Cowen
    1972-1976 (January 17, 1972 through May 31, 1976) E.M. Loftin
    1976-1987 (June 1, 1976 through January 11, 1987) Madrin Huffman
    1987-2010 (January 12, 1987 through December 31, 2010) Suzanne Henderson
    2011-Present (January 1, 2011- Present) Mary Louise Nicholson


    • The Old Courthouse fire was March 29, 1876, (had been listed incorrectly in some sources as 1875). Prior to that fire, the Commissioners Court records were NOT kept in Journal form but on loose paper. All previous records were lost in the fire. If a copy of a filing record was made available later, they were ordered to be transcribed, and the record was Certified / Attested to as an accurate record by an official that was in office at the time of filing (if available).
    • Prior to 1923, there was no record found in the Court Minutes Volumes or Commissioner Court Index Volumes of the date an official’s bond was approved, so the date ranges on these older records are based on the First / Last reference in the Commissioners Court Records as that individual being the County Clerk of Record.
    • From 1923 to present, the Court Minutes do actually reflect the dates that an Officials Bond was in effect, so that date is listed as the start of their term in office. The assumption is made that the previous County Clerk is officially in office until the new Clerk’s Bond was approved.
    • When J.W. “Happy” Shelton died in office, his wife was appointed to complete his term in office and she was subsequently elected on her own for a full term. 
    • When Melvin Faulk died in office, his wife was also appointed to complete his term.
    • References for this summary were Tarrant County Deed Record Filings, Tarrant County Commissioners Court Minutes Volumes, and the Tarrant County Commissioners Court Index Volumes (both Direct and Reverse).


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