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    Historical Lists of Elected Officials

    Historical Lists of Elected Officials
    Commissioner Frank Estil, 1931. Click to view larger image
    Commissioner Sandy A. Wall, 1934. Click to view larger image.
    Commissioner Frank Estill
    Commissioner Sandy Wall
    Commissioner Jess Holder    
    Commissioner Jim Owens
    Summary: A common question asked of the Archives is who served in what elected capacity in Tarrant County and when. These unofficial lists are available for reference from the Tarrant County Archives. Images shown are Tarrant County Commissioner Frank T. Estill (1931-1933; 1935-1939), Tarrant County Commissioner Sandy A. Wall who served three times (1920, 1925-1931, 1933-1934), Tarrant County Commissioner Jess Holder (1943-1948) and Tarrant County Commissioner Jim Owens (1949-1954). Image source: Tarrant County Commissioners Court Collection, Tarrant County Archives