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    Radford, Harriman G.
    Rady, Joe J.
    Raimey, R. R.
    Rainbolt, Eleanor Quinby Perry
    Rainwater, Richard
    Rall, Cary E. Jr.
    Ralls, Leon Willis
    Ralls, Virginia
    Ramey, Dr. Curtis
    Ramsdale, George Lafayette
    Rand, Sally
    Randle, Theron Allen and Eva Lee
    Randol, R. A.
    Randolph, Sheila (Attorney)
    Rankin, David Henry Sr.
    Ransom, Essie Mae Worke
    Ransom, H. B.
    Rapfogel, Morty
    Ratcliff, Ben Francis
    Ratcliff, Howard Thomas
    Ratcliff, W. L.
    Rattan Family
    Rattikin, Annie Lea Sandel
    Rawlings, L. Keith
    Rawlings, Maurice
    Ray, Cecil (Jr.)
    Ray, Paul and Sarah
    Ray, Paul Richard
    Ray, Thelma Grace
    Ray, W. C.
    Raymond, Phillip Dean
    Read, Anice
    Read, Karl
    Reagan, Judge John H.
    Reaves, Ben Frank
    Reaves, John Scott
    Record, Gloria Sue Gathings
    Record, Phil
    Reed Family
    Reed, William L.
    Reed, Virgil C. Sr.
    Reeder, Curtis Clifford
    Reeves, George Franklin
    Reeves, Georgia
    Reeves, Guy
    Reeves, James R.
    Reeves, William
    Reich, Bruno
    Reichenstein, Jack
    Reilly, Thomas William Jr.
    Reimers, C. D.
    Rencurrel, Richard H.
    Renfro, E. T.
    Renfro, Elmer
    Reno, Jim
    Reynolds, Clarece Beecher Bell
    Reynolds Family
    Reynolds, George T.
    Reynolds, Jeanette
    Reynolds, Tom
    Reynolds, Wallace
    Reynolds, Walter
    Rhodes, Ann L.
    Rhodes Family
    Rhodes, Mary Sears
    Rhome Family
    Richards, E. A.
    Richards, John G.
    Richards, John Giddings
    Richards, Larry G.
    Richardson, George L.
    Richardson, Gertrude Byers
    Richardson, James Joseph Jr.
    Richardson, S. L.
    Richardson, Sid Williams
    Ricker Estate
    Ricketts, Mr. and Mrs. Milton R. Sr.
    Riddle, Cynthia
    Ridings, Freddie Williams
    Rike, Raymond
    Riley, Gail
    Riley, Lanham
    Riley, Mitzi Lucas
    Riley, Polly
    Riley, William Kent
    Roach, John
    Roach, John V.
    Roach, Joyce
    Roane Family
    Roark, Robert
    Robb, Drucilla Jane Greenhaw
    Robbins, Norman Sr.
    Robbins, Reg
    Roberts Family
    Roberts, Frank
    Roberts, James
    Roberts, James Carlos Sr.
    Roberts, Len
    Robertson, Empresario Sterling Clack
    Robichaux, Todd
    Robinette Family
    Robinson, Archibald
    Robinson, D. W.
    Robinson Family
    Robinson, John
    Robinson, Margee
    Robinson, Nell Bryant
    Robinson, Reginald L.
    Robison, Rev. James
    Roche Family
    Roddy, Robert R. "Rod Roddy"
    Rogers, Annabelle D.
    Rogers, Carrie
    Rogers, Deborah
    Rogers, Elvira
    Rogers, Jesse Evans
    Rogers, Will
    Rolla, Lenora
    Roloff, Lester
    Rominger, Lucy
    Rone, C. Y.
    Rone, Mildred
    Roodhouse, Charles
    Roosevelt, Elliot
    Roosevelt, Theodore
    Roper, Richard (Attorney)
    Rose, Billy
    Rose, Mr. and Mrs. Byron
    Rose, Deedie Potter
    Rosen Family
    Rosen, Sam
    Rosenberg, David
    Rosenfeld Family
    Rosenthal, E. M.
    Rosenthal, Rosalyn
    Rosenthal, Rozanne and Billy
    Ross, Emma Rebecca
    Rouer, Isaac
    Rouer, Rhinehart
    Rowan, Arch
    Rowand, Mary Louise
    Rowland, William
    Rowley, Mrs. C. E.
    Royal, Julia
    Royer, Ernest
    Rubin, Ben
    Rubin, Benard J.
    Rumph, David
    Runyon, Damon
    Runyon, William Francis
    Rush, Charles
    Rushing, Josephine N.
    Russell, Jerry
    Russell, Robert A.
    Russell, Rusty
    Rutherford, Johnny
    Rutledge Family
    Ryan, Joan Kelly
    Ryan, John
    Ryan, John Paul
    Ryan, Josephine H.
    Ryan, Lisa
    Ryan, Meagan
    Ryan, T. M.
    Ryffel, James
    Ryno, Mary
    Ryon, Fred