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    Nail Family
    Nan, Lawther
    Nance, L. E.
    Napier, Lisa
    Nash Family
    Nast, Thomas
    Naumer, Helmuth
    Navratilova, Martina
    Needham, Grace Gayle
    Neeley, Kathleen
    Neeley, M. J.
    Neely, Harold
    Neiman, Abraham Lincoln (Al)
    Nelson, A. J .
    Nelson, Andy
    Nelson, Byron
    Nelson, Gerald
    Nelson, Willie
    Nesbit, RicNettleton, Alberta Ingram
    Nesbit, Harold
    Newberry, William Bohning
    Newby, Brian (Attorney)
    Newby, Etta
    Newkirk, James Ernest
    Newman, Charles
    Newman, Henry L. (Hank)
    Newport, Frank
    Newsom, Vernon
    Nichols, J. W.
    Nichols, John
    Nichols, Julian Theodore
    Nichols, Mariann
    Nida, William
    Niendoff, James
    Nikkel, Vernon
    Niles, L.V.
    Noah, Jim
    Noble, Charles
    Noble, Charlie Mary
    Nolen, C.C. "Jitter"
    Nolley, Kathy
    Norfleet, Frank
    Norris, J. Frank
    Norris, Wirt
    North, James M.
    Norton, A. B.
    Norton, Mary Elsie
    Norwood, Otis
    Null, C. B.
    Nunn, William Curtis
    Nunnelly, Fannie