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    Cadenhead, John Jr.
    Cadenhead, Sam
    Caine, Rachel
    Calder, Alexander (Artist)
    Calhoun, Jim
    Calhoun, Martha
    Call, Ann Lowdon
    Callaway Family
    Calloway Family
    Calloway Family (Catherine and her Mother)
    Calloway, Hiram
    Calloway, Lee
    Calvert, George
    Campbell, Charles Boyle Jr.
    Campbell, Clyde
    Campbell, Earl
    Campbell, George H. Jr.
    Campbell, Jeroleen "Jerry" Johnson
    Campbell, Katharine Love Harrison
    Campbell, Ralph
    Campbell, Susan
    Canning, Anthony B. (Tony)
    Cannon, Carter
    Cannon, Donna Souder
    Cannon Family
    Cannon, Guy
    Cannon, Jack
    Cannon, Josephine
    Cannon, Weldon G.
    Cantey Family
    Capers, Milton Burns
    Capps, Benjamin Franklin
    Capps, William
    Caraway, John Wesley Jr.
    Carb Family
    Cardona, Bennie
    Carey, Harvey
    Cargill, Howard Wesley
    Caruthers, James Randolph, Sr.
    Clark, Carl Wendolon
    Carlin, Electra Anne
    Carlin, George
    Carlson, O. G. "Red"
    Carriher, Frank Albert
    Carroll, Prof. B.
    Carruth Family
    Carruthers, Charles E.
    Carruthers, Lewis C.
    Carson, Kit
    Carswell, Major Horace S. Jr.
    Carter, Amon Sr.
    Carter Family (Amon Carter)
    Carter, J. P.
    Carter, Minnie Meachem
    Carter, Nelle Bone
    Carter, Shirley T.
    Cartwright, Aubrey Ray Jr.
    Cartwright, Carolyn
    Cartwright, Mr. and Mrs. C.J.
    Cartwright, Gary
    Cartwright, R. L.
    Carvajal, Anthony N.
    Cary, Nadine Lois Spencer
    Cary, Reby
    Casey, Martin
    Cash, James
    Cash, Jeanne
    Cash, Juanita
    Cashion, Ty
    Caskey, Margaret
    Cassidy, "Butch" (Robert Leroy Parker)
    Casstevens, Lavon Bowman
    Castillion, Ruth Minter
    Castle, Vernon
    Castleberry, W. Z.
    Cate, Mr. and Mrs. H. M.
    Cate, William Edward "Bill"
    Catlett, Hanson George
    Catteron, Judge Randy
    Cauble, Rex
    Cave, Judge Tom
    Cavender, Charles C.
    Cavender, Leona
    Cavender, Robert
    Cavile, Mr.
    Cayce, Chief Justice Judge John
    Cayce, Mark Benjamin
    Cetti, Zane
    Chaggaris, Peter
    Chamberlain, Virginia
    Chan, Alfonso (Attorney)
    Chapin, Chapin
    Chapman, Edgar
    Chapman Family
    Chapman, Floyd G. "Red"
    Chapman, John J.
    Chapman, Rufus Hardy
    Chappel, David (Attorney)
    Charninsky, Hyman
    Cheney, Major
    Chester, Jane Dumas
    Chevallier, Charles (died in Courthouse 1917)
    Childress, George Campbell
    Chiles, Eddie
    Chilton, Anne Willing Ryan
    Chilton, Margaret "Muggye" Wynne Harrison
    Chilton, William Ernest Jr.
    Chisum, John Simpson
    Chisum and Jones Families
    Chorn, Beverlee Ann
    Christopher, Carolyn
    Churchill, Wendy Kent
    Cirincione, D. J. (Nick)
    Clair, Johnny Fredrick
    Clardy, Beth Lea
    Clark, Billie Bransford
    Clark Family (Randolph and Addison)
    Clark, Hal
    Clark, Mildred Mignon
    Clark, Otis T.
    Clark, P. C. (Dr.)
    Clark, Ren
    Clark, Sterling Price (Sheriff)
    Clark, Tom C.
    Clark, Mrs. W.D.
    Clark, Winfield Scott (Attorney)
    Clarke, Mary Whatley
    Clarkson, Wiley G. (Architect)
    Clawson, Cary (Artist)
    Clay Family
    Claypool, Lue Ann
    Claypool, Sarah Margaret
    Clayton, George R.
    Clayton, Lily B.
    Clements, Walter
    Clemons, Heywood
    Cleveland, Courts Kendall Jr.
    Cliburn, Van
    Clifton, Burton
    Cline, J. Everett (Attorney)
    Cloud, Mrs. Willie
    Clounch, Roy M.
    Clover, Geraldine Bradshaw
    Cluck, Mrs. Elwood
    Coates, Dan O.
    Coates, Dan W.
    Coats, Burch D.
    Cobb, Clarence
    Cobden, Alexander
    Cobden, Charles A.
    Cobden, Florence
    Coble Family
    Coble, William
    Coburn, Gary Lee
    Coburn, Marguerite "Marge"
    Cochran, Cayce Brixley
    Cochran, Dr. Irad
    Cody, Samuel Franklin
    Coffey, Judge Frank D.
    Coffey, Frank G.
    Coffey, Jane McGregor
    Coffey, Frank D.
    Coffey, Mimi (Attorney)
    Coffey, Pauline Hedrick
    Coggin, James Earl
    Coggin, Mr. and Mrs. William Carl
    Coker, Barbara
    Colbert, Thelma Quince (Attorney)
    Colby, Betty Beggs Bevan
    Cole, Cecil M.
    Cole, Edwin Louis
    Cole, Judy
    Cole, Larry
    Cole, Vera Eleanor
    Coleman, Bessie
    Coleman, Thomas Joseph
    Collett, George R.
    Collett, Captain James Hamilton
    Colley, William A.
    Colley, William D. "Bill"
    Colley, William Tyler
    Collier, Dick
    Collier, Henry Ward Jr.
    Collier, Jack
    Collier, John B. Jr.
    Collier, Ruth B.
    Collins, Bertha
    Collins Family
    Collins, Jackie
    Collins, Janet
    Collins, Margaret Binkley
    Collins, Margaret "Peggy" Chiles
    Collins, Judge Marvin
    Collins, Ted Jr.
    Collins, Warren "Rip" L.
    Collins, Whitfield James (Attorney)
    Collins, William Wheat Jr.
    Collins, William Wolcott
    Connally, John
    Conner Family (Joseph Wright)
    Connery, C. W.
    Cook, Walter G. (Attorney)
    Cooke, Judge C. C. "Kit"
    Cooper, Lonnell
    Cooper, Robert Lee
    Corbett, Bradford G.
    Corn Family
    Cosby, Judge Don
    Couch Family
    Courtright, "Jim"
    Couts Family
    Cowan, Sam Houston
    Cox, Jimmie
    Cree, Thomas
    Creecy, Jesse
    Creed, Augustus R.
    Creed Family
    Crocker, Toy Armel (Attorney)
    Crouch, Judge A.L.
    Crowder, Larry (Artist)
    Cribbs, Hattie Bell Reeves
    Crowley, Judge George Allen
    Crumley, Frank E.
    Culberson, Charles Allen
    Cummings, Judge C. C.
    Cummings, Dawn
    Cunningham, Judge Joe Bruce
    Cure, Harry Lee (Attorney)
    Currey, Dr. Virginia
    Curry, Tim (District Attorney)
    Currey Family
    Curtis, Chase