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    Abbott, Thomas
    Abrams, A. H.
    Acton, Mr. and Mrs. Tom M.
    Adair Family
    Adair, Rose Kahler
    Adam, Betty Ann Froehlich
    Adams, Abner L.
    Adams Family
    Adams, Harry
    Adams, Lillie K.
    Adams, Richard Edward
    Adams, Robert G. (Architect)
    Adams, Scott G. Jr.
    Adams, Thomas M.
    Adams, William L.
    Adamson, Linda
    Adkins, Wade (Attorney)
    Adler, Jack
    Agather, Elaine
    Agee, John F.
    Akers, John
    Akey, Patti
    Akpene, Frank
    Albright, Dorothy Ruth Hawkins
    Albright, Fontaine
    Alcorn, Keith
    Alden, John
    Aldenhoven, Carl J. and Norma Samson
    Alder, Jack
    Aldridge, Mejuan Griggs
    Alexander, Catherine R.
    Alexander, James Hunter
    Alexander, Lueida Horton
    Alexander, M. P.
    Alford, Bruce H.
    Alford Family
    Alford, George
    Alhoim, Roy Leonard
    Allen, Alexander
    Allen, Dr. Daisy Emery
    Allen, Dorothy Gail Brown
    Allen Family
    Allen, Gary M.
    Allen, J. P.
    Allen, Rev. J. P.
    Allen, Jerry W.
    Allen, Judy Allen Knight
    Allen, Phyllis
    Allen, Sue
    Allen, William Valentine "Tine"
    Allison, Dr. H. C.
    Allison, James Henry
    Alliston, Wiley T.
    Allred Family (see Barentine Family)
    Altman, Fredric Gans
    Altman, Ric
    Alverson, Henderson B.
    Alverson, Nan N. Thorton
    Alvis, Alice Sawyers
    Alvis, James
    Ambler, E. T.
    Ambrose, Anne Elizabeth Shepherd
    Ambrose, Dorothy Ruth Collins
    Amos, Gloria Ann
    Amslar, Robert W.
    Anderlitch, Mr. and Mrs. Frank
    Anderlitch, Josephine
    Anderson, Aubrey "Andy" Claude
    Anderson, Aubrey Lee
    Anderson Family
    Anderson Family (Hurst)
    Anderson Family (U.S.)
    Anderson, Justice C.
    Anderson, J. M.
    Anderson, Neil P.
    Anderson, R.T. (Dick)
    Anderson, Waverly
    Andrews, Angelyn Louise Scoma
    Andrews, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F.
    Andrews, Jerry
    Andrews, Lisa Marcelle
    Andrews, Paul
    Andrews, Paul Eugene
    Andrews, T. D. D.
    Angle, Jim
    Ankele, Felix
    Ankele, George Julius
    Annen Family
    Ansley, Gertie Elizabeth
    Anthis, Nicholas
    Anton, Charles
    Anton, Reuben
    Antrim, Harry
    Appleman, Michael (Attorney)
    Archenhold, Helen G.
    Archenhold, R. C.
    Armer, Lee
    Armstrong, Elizabeth M.
    Armstrong, Judge George W.
    Armstrong, Ila
    Armstrong, Joe Gravitt
    Armstrong, Robert Wright
    Arnold Family (see Named Collection, Arnold-Humphries)
    Arnold, Gordon Jr.
    Arnold, Ripley Allen
    Arp, Donna
    Arseneau, Flavin James
    Arwine Family
    Ashburn, J. Foster
    Ashley, Charles Kenneth
    Ashworth, Charlotte Jean
    Ashworth, Judge Clyde
    Ashworth, Michael T.
    Aston, C. W.
    Aston, Weldon Roy
    Atkinson, George
    Atkinson, Howell
    Austin, Judge Dave
    Austin Family
    Austin, James N.
    Austin, Jim
    Austin, John
    Autrey Family (John)
    Autrey, John
    Avila, Jane
    Avila, John
    Axtell Family (Axtell Windmill Company)
    Axtell, Fred W.
    Azlin, Mr. and Mrs. Willie Edward