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    Training Academy
    1500 Circle Drive Suite 200
    Fort Worth, TX 76119
    Phone 817-531-7634
    Fax 817-531-7660

    The Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office Background Investigations Division is staffed by deputies who conduct background investigations on prospective clerical, detention, operations and telecommunications personnel. The investigators ensure that applicants meet the requirements of the agency as well as the mandates for licensure which have been set by the Texas Occupations Code and Texas Administrative Code. Investigators complete hundreds of background investigations every year selecting the best applicants to become part of the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office.

    Click this link to find out more about Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) licensing requirements.  Title 37 Part 7 Chapter 217 Rule 217.1


    Background Investigators

    Background Investigator Deputy Hayward

    Deputy Hayward
    817 413-6335

    Background Investigator Deputy Warham

    Deputy Warham
    817 531-7634

    Background Investigator Deputy Tahmahkera

    Deputy Tahmahkera
    817 413-6338


    Background Investigator Deputy Harwell

    Deputy Harwell
    817 531-7675