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    Warrants Personnel

    200 Taylor Street - 6th Floor
    Fort Worth, TX 76196

    A warrant is an official document signed by a judge or other person in authority which gives the police permission to search someone’s home, arrest a person, or take some other action as authorized by the warrant.

    If you wish to know if an individual has a warrant for their arrest, you will need to contact a licensed bondsman or attorney to find that information. This agency does not release information to the general public, only to a licensed bondsman, attorney, or law enforcement agency.

    If an individual is currently incarcerated in the Tarrant County Jail, please contact 817-884-3000 for information regarding their charges, bond amounts, and other information concerning the individual.

    The Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office Warrant Division, consists of 70 employees assigned to manage and serve active criminal and mental warrants. The division is divided into five units:

    ·    Fugitive Deputies – pursue and arrest individuals who have warrants for their arrest. These are uniformed deputies that drive marked Tarrant County Sheriff’s warrant vehicles. The deputies work shifts from Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. and varied hours on the weekends.

    ·    Mental Warrant Deputies – work closely with the Civil Court system that issues mental health warrants for individuals who are unable to care for themselves and have demonstrated to be a danger to themselves or others.

    ·    Extradition Deputies – travel all over the United States picking up prisoners who have been arrested by other law enforcement agencies on Tarrant County warrants. These deputies work a very flexible schedule due to travel requirements. In addition, the Sheriff’s Office has a contract with a private company, which also transports prisoners for the Department. The private company is used when they can provide the service cheaper.

    ·    Transportation Deputies – pick up prisoners from the local municipalities when their criminal cases have been filed with the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office and bring them to the Tarrant County Jail. These deputies also continually move prisoners between the several different correctional facilities within Tarrant County jail system.

    ·    Clerical Staff – supports the operational units and the Criminal Court system by servicing the large numbers of outstanding warrants issued by the different courts throughout Tarrant County. They handle the administrative needs of the Warrant Division and work twenty four hours a day handling warrant confirmations for law enforcement agencies as needed.


    Warrant Deputies