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    WIC Approved Foods grocery bag

    In October 2009, The Texas WIC Program began offering new, healthier food choices to WIC Participants. 

    Changes were made to give participants healthier options, reduce obesity and encourage breastfeeding. Particpants are able to receive a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grain products and baby foods. The new foods give participants more nutritional variety and value, less fat and more fiber. 

    Other changes include an emphasis on lower fat milk rather than whole milk for children age two and older, and decreased amounts of juice, cheese and eggs for women and children. There are also increased food benefits for breastfeeding women. Soy milk and tofu are available for those who have a diagnosed allergy or intolerance to cow's milk or a dietary preference for soy products.

    You can pick up a TEXAS WIC Approved Foods Shopping Guide at your local WIC office, or click on the appropriate shopping guide below. The following brochures became effective October 1, 2016.

    Please be aware that some stores may not carry every WIC-approved food.



    Texas WIC Approved Foods Shopping Guides, effective October 1, 2016.