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    TB Clinic

    pharmaceutical drugs

    Tuberculosis causes far more deaths than any other infectious diseases worldwide. It infects one-third of the world’s population, and kills three million people every year (a quarter of the world’s preventable deaths).

    That is why it is the mission of Tarrant County Public Health, and the Tuberculosis Elimination Division to prevent, control and eliminate TB among the people of Tarrant County.



    Services Charges
    TB Skin Test $25
    Open Chart $30
    Medication refill $25
    First Doctor visit (with medications) $225
    First Doctor visit (without medications) $41
    Case/Suspect Intake (nursing visit) $73
    Follow up Doctor visit for Positive Reactors $71
    Follow up Doctor visit for Case/Suspect $69
    Case/Suspect Medication Dependent on medications prescribed


    All fees are based on a sliding scale. Income verification is required. Prices subject to change without notification. Prices do not include medication. Anyone in need of medical services for tuberculosis will be seen regardless of financial ability to pay.