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    In July, the Visioning Subcommittee worked with the steering committee to develop the following new value statements:


    · Trust: We value a community where trust is fostered, barriers removed and participation increased.

    · Respect: We value a community where the right of all to enjoy a healthy and flourishing community is respected.

    · Equity: We value a community where all people have access and opportunity abounds.

    · Health: We value a community where all people are empowered to make healthy choices.

    · Safety: We value a community where all people can enjoy safe and clean neighborhoods, parks and schools.

    · Education: We value a community where health education is abundant.


    In August, the CTSA Subcommittee identified seven ZIP codes throughout Tarrant County to conduct an assessment. Two methods will be utilized:


    1. Listening Sessions – a community dialogue session that convers areas such as: an individual’s experience, opinion, feelings, knowledge, senses and background regarding their community.

    2. Photovoice – a participatory method of collecting data by capturing a community’s assets (people, places and things) through pictures. This documentary –style survey will be conducted by the KEEN (Kids Environmental Education Network) Group youth photography group, from ages 10-17, in order to see the community through the youth’s perspective.


    The Forces of Change Assessment (FOCA) has a global perspective and addresses the question: What’s going to impact our community in the next 5-10 years? The FOCA will cover five topics: environmental, social, economic, technological and political forces. After the experts speak on those topics, the participants will discuss the opportunities and threats associated with those topics and their impact on the Tarrant County community’s health. They will then utilize online polling to rank them. The FOCA Subcommittee has scheduled four of five work sessions.


    The Community Health Status Assessment (CHSA) Subcommittee collected and analyzed comprehensive data regarding expanded core health indicators (i.e., maternal and child health, infectious disease, death, illness and injury, etc.), conducted a mini-brainstorming session with the MAPP Steering Committee to identify what is missing from the core health indicators summary.


    In September, the CTSA Subcommittee conducted the second listening session with 25 seniors at Mansfield Baptist Church and distributed the survey at the Rock the Park event in Keller. The FOCA Subcommittee held two of five sessions focusing on environmental and social forces with a combined total of 186 community members, including college students, in attendance.