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    In February, the MAPP Steering Committee Members began Phase 4 – Identifying Strategic Issues. The purpose was to identify linkages between the MAPP assessments to determine the most critical issues that must be addressed for the community to achieve its vision. The four identified strategic issues are education, environment, health care access and partnerships.


    In March, the steering committee shared the assessment findings and the identified strategic issues at a Community Meeting. There were 80 people who attended and participated in an interactive brainstorming session to formulate goals and strategies (Phase 5) along with resources and barriers for the four strategic issues. At the end of the meeting, participants were asked to work on a task force related to the strategic issues.


    Additionally, a subcommittee was formed to develop the Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). The CHIP is the culmination of all the community assessments and planning that has been done through the MAPP process. It will be a living document that outlines sustainable plans to move Tarrant County toward being a healthier community.


    In April, those who joined the workgroups (formerly called task force) at the March Community Meeting began working diligently to develop short-term goals, objectives, strategies and indicators to be implemented and evaluated during the Action Cycle (Phase 6) of the MAPP process. They are also responsible for developing mid-term and long-term goals along with identifying partners committed to the successful completion of them. This collective approach to addressing complex issues will have a big impact on the health of Tarrant County.