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    The MAPP process includes six phases and we are currently in the second phase – Visioning. Visioning guides the community through a collaborative and creative process that leads to a shared community vision and common values. The vision statement provides focus, purpose and direction to the MAPP process so that participants collectively achieve a shared vision of the future.  A shared community vision provides an overarching goal for the community – a statement of what the ideal future looks like.


    This phase will require the entire community’s participation as we build and grow toward a healthier community.  Please help us develop a creative, achievable vision by completing the short survey below no later than July 2.  Your voice is important…Because Health Matters!



    Visioning Subcommittee Members

    ·         Judi Ketchum (Chair), Resource Connection of Tarrant County 

    ·         Scott Feille, REAL School Gardens

    ·         Debbie Fillmore, Tarrant County Administrator’s Office

    ·         Stacey Guillen, Baylor All Saints Medical Center at Fort Worth/Hispanic Wellness Coalition

    ·         Sandy Joyce, La Vida News: The Black Voice

    ·         Johnny Lewis, Near Southeast Community Development

    ·         Linda Pugh, JPS Health Promotions

    ·         Mamie Sharrieff, Diamond Distributor International/Community Volunteer

    ·         Patricia Ward, Tarrant County Community Development


    We are also in the planning stage of Phase 3 – The Four Assessments; which include the Community Health Status Assessment (CHSA), Local Public Health System Assessment (LPHSA), Community Themes and Strengths (CTSA) and Forces of Change Assessment (FOCA).  When data is collected using the four assessments the outcome will be more focused and community-driven.  Therefore, the outcome of the four assessments drives all of the work in the process.  


    1.    Community Health Status Assessment Subcommittee

    ·         Robert Munoz (Chair), Tarrant County College – Trinity River Campus

    ·         Anita Kurian, Tarrant County Public Health (TCPH) – Epidemiology and Health Information Division

    ·         Richard Kurz, University of North Texas Health Science Center (UNTHSC) – School of Public Health

    ·         Larry Tubb, Cook Children’s Health Care System


    2.    Local Public Health System Assessment Subcommittee

    ·         Misty Wilder (Chair), Catholic Charities Fort Worth

    ·         Ann Salyer-Caldwell, TCPH Community Health Promotion

    ·         Sandy-Asari Hogan, Doctoral Student – UNTHSC School of Public Health

    ·         Glenda Redeemer, TCPH Chronic Disease Prevention

    ·         Celya Tilley, TCPH Chronic Disease Prevention

    ·         Kendra Wilson, Texas Prevention Institute – Center for Community Health


    3.    Community Themes and Strengths Assessment Subcommittee

    ·         Leslie Casey (Co-Chair), The Health Industry Council

    ·         Lisa Cox (Co-Chair), American College of Healthcare Executives

    ·         Dawn Dickerson-Sankofa, TCPH Health Equity Division

    ·         Jen Ebel, The T – Fort Worth Transportation Authority

    ·         Suze Etienne, Masters in Public Health Student, UNTHSC School of Public Health

    ·         Doug Fabio, TCPH Prevention and Health Policy

    ·         Scott Feille, REAL School Gardens

    ·         Paulette Golden Texas Health Harris Methodist Fort Worth

    ·         Julie Herrmann, UNTHSC Community Relations

    ·         Sandy-Asari Hogan, Doctoral Student – UNTHSC School of Public Health

    ·         Sandy Joyce, La Vida News: The Black Voice

    ·         James Lawrence, Quorum Architects

    ·         David Lee, Quorum Architects

    ·         Lenny Lee, UNTHSC School of Public Health: Department of Behavioral and Community Health

    ·         Opal Lee, The Community Food Bank of Fort Worth

    ·         Georgi Roberts, Fort Worth Independent School District

    ·         Debra Rockmore, American Cancer Society

    ·         Dana Tarter, Texas AgriLife Extension Service


    4.    Forces of Change Assessment Subcommittee

    ·         Linda Fulmer (Chair), Healthy Tarrant County Coalition

    ·         Patricia Baughman, Tarrant County Master Gardeners Association

    ·         Jean Carmichael,  YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth

    ·         Belinda Hampton, TCPH Health Planning & Policy Division

    ·         Ginny Hickman, Cook Children’s Health Care System

    ·         Joyce Hood, Cook Children’s Health Care System

    ·         Shirley Little, City of Fort Worth Legislative and Government Affairs

    ·         Eric Niedermayer, Recovery Resource Council

    ·         Vicki Niedermayer, Helping Restore Ability

    ·         C. Jan Parker, TCPH Health Planning & Policy Division

    ·         Ann Rice – United Way of Tarrant County

    ·         Margarita Trevino, University of Texas at Arlington – College of Nursing

    ·         Arcardio Viveros, North Texas Area Community Health Center