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    In October, the FOCA Subcommittee held two sessions focusing on economic and technological forces with a combined total of 123 community members in attendance. The CTSA Subcommittee conducted the third and fourth listening sessions at Handley Neighborhood Association and a group in the Hulen area. They also distributed the survey at the HandleyFest 2012 Street Festival in Fort Worth. Photovoice began and 6-7 youth ages 10-17 took pictures of people, places and things that are improving their health. The CHSA Subcommittee analyzed the data regarding what is missing from the core health indicators summary. The LPHSA Subcommittee distributed process survey to MAPP Steering Committee and developed draft final report steering committee and community.


    In November, the CHSA Subcommittee identified top health concerns for adults and children. They, along with the FOCA Subcommittee, began working on presentation of assessment findings for the steering committee and final report for the community. Photovoice continued as the youth assessed their community on Saturdays for two hours.


    In December, the youth completed their Photovoice assessment and shared their photos along with their stories at a ceremony for their family, friends and community. The CTSA Subcommittee conducted the fifth listening session at Christian Community Church in Fort Worth. The FOCA, CHSA and CTSA Subcommittee Chairs presented assessment findings to the steering committee. The LPHSA and FOCA Subcommittees submitted their final community report.


    During the CTSA presentation, the results from the Photovoice were also discussed and the pictures that were taken by the youth. Also, it was noted by a steering committee member that there was low representation of the Hispanic population. After discussion, the steering committee decided that prior to submission of the CTSA final report that the subcommittee should conduct at least two listening sessions with that population group to make sure their voice is heard. Following the meeting, 1) the survey was translated into Spanish by staff at Catholic Charities Fort Worth and 2) Hispanic churches and other groups were contacted to schedule a listening session.


    In January, the CTSA conducted a listening session at the North Side Senior Center and distributed surveys at the North Side Clinic. The CHSA submitted a draft final report. The steering committee is completing Phase 3 and moving into Phase 4 – Identifying Strategic Issues by looking at the common themes across the assessments.