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    GOAL 1:  Develop collaborative tools to share critical knowledge among key stakeholders and partnerships to assure a comprehensive approach to improving public health.


    Strategic Communication Plan Proposals

    The drafts below were developed by Texas Christian University communication students to fulfill Activities Objective 1.1

    Purple Pentagon Agency Campaign Plan Book

    Purple Pentagon Agency Team Members

    Caroline Gayler, Emily Helton, Ryan Sigman, Joey Galarza, Chelsea Morris

    Strategic Communication Plan Promoting Partnerships for a Healthier County Tarran County Voices For Health HTCC

    Seven Agency Team Members

    Allison Zeitlow, Megan Jenkins, Casey Rose Hartigan, Sydney Hayes, Ashley Nava, Dana Montes

    Tarrant County Voices for Health Common Ground for a Common Goal Quality Dedication Vision

    Team One Up Agency Team Members

    Mark Kennedy, Mitzi Bracy, Farren Balint, Lauren Scott, Allison Wright, Courtney Fillmore

    GOAL 2:  Increase access to resources across Tarrant County through engagement of key stakeholders in the local public health system to create collective impact.


    OBJECTIVE 2.1 - Being led by Healthy Tarrant County Collaboration, but still in need of partners.

    NOTE: Before forwarding funding announcements, please call a meeting of all interested parties.


    OBJECTIVE 2.2 - Being led by Healthy Tarrant County Collaboration, but still in need of partners.


    Diverse Group

    GOAL 3: Build effective community partnerships and strategic alliances across the community.


    OBJECTIVE 3.1 - Being led by Tarrant County Public Health, but still in need of partners.