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    All Hazards Preparedness


    Emergency preparedness information related to the agricultural industry and food supply, with resources for veterinarians; links to Texas Department of State Health Services.

    Agroterrorism Information


    Animal Care & Preparedness

    A variety of resources providing information on pet care and veterinarian response in times of disaster.


    Pets & Disaster Preparedness

    American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF) & Preparedness

    Veterinary Disease Reporting

    Texas DSHS Zoonosis Control Branch Public Health Region 3

    Preparing for Disaster; Helping People Help Animals



    Fact sheets, frequently asked questions, internet links and guidelines with emergency preparedness information unique to bioterrorism.

    Information on Biological Agents and Disease Fact Sheets


    Chemical Preparedness

    Public health information and resources for a possible chemical emergency for professionals, including technical fact sheets; links to Texas Department of State Health Services.

    Chemical Preparedness Information


    Emergency Preparedness
    Resources related to general preparedness for an emergency, such as checklists and information for professionals; links to Texas Department of State Health Services.
    Emergency Preparedness Information
    211 Web site


    Hurricane Disaster Preparedness

    Information web sites for local citizens, public health professionals, first responders, and health care providers about preparing for hurricanes and staying safe and healthy after the storm, including immunization recommendations for responders and those displaced by disasters.

    Hurricane Disaster Helps Site

    Hurricane-related Information for Health Care Professionals

    Immunization Recommendations for Disaster Responders

    Questions & Answers About Immunization Recommendations After a Natural Disaster

    Health Recommendations for Relief Workers Responding to Disasters

    Prevent Illness After a Natural Disaster

    Interim Immunization Recommendations for Individuals Displaced by a Disaster


    Natural Disaster
    Resources related to the preparation of natural emergencies, including severe weather; links to North Central Texas guide to Disaster Preparedness (KnoWhat2Do)

    Natural Disaster Preparedness Information

    Cold Weather Health & Safety Tips - Travel

    Cold Weather Health & Safety Tips - Home Safety

    Cold Weather Health & Safety Tips - Personal Safety



    Public Health Response and Recovery

    Mass trauma resources, information from Texas Department of State Health Services organizations to provide assistance during an emergency, laboratory information, reporting information; links to Texas Department of State Health Services.
    Public Health Response and Recovery information


    Radiological Preparedness

    Radiation-related information, including resources for radiation safety training emergency response operations; links to Texas Department of State Health Services.
    Radiological Preparedness Information