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    Teen Videofest, Established 1999


    Videos will be judged according to three elements:

    1. Message Design – How well the issue is presented and the solution or response demonstrated.
    2. Creative Elements – Include the quality of writing, originality, visual imagery and artistic use of medium.
    3. Production Elements – Include camera work, lighting, audio, talent.
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    Four rounds of judging in each video category (catagories to be announced):

    Round 1 – Judging will be performed by Teen VideoFest contest administration.

    Round 2 – Judging will be performed by Tarrant County Public Health subject matter experts.

    Round 3 – Judging will be performed by a broad range of distinguished subject matter experts in the community to determine top 3 finalists in each category.

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    Round 4 – Grand Prize Winner judging will be performed by a highly recognized community stakeholder.

    The 1st place videos in each category will be judged to determine the Grand Prize Winner.

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    Only those individuals who have submitted a completed Registration Form(s), Consent Form(s), and have a viewable video will be eligible to win awards and prizes.

    The top five finalists will be announced by catagory during the week of National Public Health Week (usually the first full week of April). Winners will be announced at the Teen Videofest Awards Night, date and time to be announced.

    Winners will be recognized on our Teen Videofest Facebook page, and other social media outlets.

    All contestants will receive a certificate of participation and other recognition.