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    Partners in Health logo

    Who We Are:  Tarrant County Public Health and Commissioner Andy Nguyen have partnered with leaders in our local minority communities to form Partners In Health, in an effort to bridge the gap between available healthcare resources and the underserved populations in Southeast Tarrant County.

    What We Do:  Partners In Health is working to build a sustainable outreach to the minority underserved communities through focused initiatives. Partners In Health aims to encourage, educate and inform our community about the importance of personal health management through preventive care, regular check-ups, and chronic disease care.

    Why We Do It:  As an Asian American and being part of a generally underserved community, Commissioner Nguyen understands the importance of healthcare education. “Building trust, fostering familiarity and access to resources including translation services should be a priority for all healthcare providers seeking to properly serve these communities,” states Nguyen.

    Let us know how we might be of service to you.

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