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    Green the Home Office

    Reducing, reusing and recycling in your home office doesn’t have to be a lot of work. Use these tips to incorporate the 3 Rs into your routine, and see how you can enrich your workspace and your community.

    Bank online. When you receive electronic account statements and pay bills online, you reduce paper waste. Keep a CD backup of important documents, instead of printing them, to conserve paper. If you must print documents, print double-sided and cut your paper use in half.

    Recycle your old electronics. Make an effort to donate electronics that you no longer use and are less than five years old. Donating usable electronics helps those who lack access to new technologies and opens the door for growth and opportunity to people who are less fortunate, closing the gap on the digital divide.

    Opt out of unsolicited promotional mail. Follow this link to the Direct Mail Association to opt out of receiving unsolicited promotional mail. This service requires a one-time fee of $1. On average, each American receives 41.5 pounds of unsolicited promotional mail each year and spends 70 hours dealing with it. Opting out of receiving this mail saves time and means the resources that would otherwise be used to create it can be used elsewhere.

    Opt out of telephone directories. Follow this link to Yellow Pages Goes Green to opt out of receiving white or yellow page telephone directories. The search engines on our mobile phones have come a long way towards replacing the information we need while we are on the go.

    Create a home mailing center. Save boxes and packing materials such as foam peanuts or bubble wrap and reuse them. Citation: US Environmental Protection Agency’s Practice the 3 R’s