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    Zika Virus brochure

    Zika Virus Fact Sheet (updated February 24, 2016)

    Zika Travel Notices (updated daily by CDC)

    Zika Virus and Pregnancy Fact Sheet (English) (Spanish) (French) (Haitian Creole)

    Mosquito Bite Prevention (English) (Spanish)

    Mosquito Bite Prevention for Travelers (English) (Spanish)

    Mosquito Prevention Toolkit

    World Map Areas with Zika (added March 2017)

    Help Control Mosquitoes that Spread Dengue, Chikungunya, and Zika Viruses (English) (Spanish)

    Going to the American Tropics? (English) (Spanish)

    Recently in the American Tropics? (English) (Spanish)

    Women and their partners who are thinking about pregnancy

    Advice for people living in or traveling in Wynwood, a neighborhood in Florida

    The Aedes aegypti mosquito has long been recognized as a health threat. For a historical perspective, please watch this 1945 public service message that is as relevant now as it was 70 years ago.