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    TCPH School Opening Delay Order FAQ - July 27, 2020

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      Questions Answers
    1 How does an ISD submit plans for re-opening? Please submit all plans electronically to Joshua Kershner ( or call (817) 248-6299.
    2 Are Continuing Education courses (CTE) allowed to continue in person if social distancing and masks requirements are adhered to? Yes, if they are outside and can socially distance and wear face coverings as per the order.
    3 How does the latest order affect pre-schools, YMCA programs, Recreational & Club Sport leagues, dance studios classes, etc.?    The Joint Control Order only affects public and non-religious private schools. Any programs that occur outside of this setting is beyond the scope of the control order.
    4 What gives public health the right to make such an order? Section § 81.082 of the Texas Health and Safety Code gives the Local Health Authority the power to issue control measures on an individual or group.
    5 How is public health qualified to make such an order?    As part of Tarrant County Public Health's (TCPH) charge to protect the community, one of TCPH’s main goals is to control and prevent the spread of disease. Tarrant County Public Health works on multiple fronts to do this. TCPH maintains ongoing surveillance, control and prevention efforts for a variety of diseases.
    6 What considerations went into making this decision? Discussion with community partners, including school superintendents, elected leaders, as well as medical professionals were considered when making this decision. Ultimately it was done on the authority Local Health officials from Tarrant County, the City of Arlington, and the City of Burleson, whose various opinions and ideas were elicited.
    7 Why were the school districts not allowed to make their own decisions? Answered above.
    8 Why is my neighbor’s school district not delayed but mine is delayed?  The Joint Control Order only affects those public and non-religious private schools in Tarrant County, the City of Arlington and the City of Burleson. This order does not affect any religious private schools or public or private schools outside those jurisdictions.
    9 Why was the order only until September 28?    The Joint Control Order delayed schools until September 28 to allow for 1.5 incubation cycles of the COVID-19 virus after Labor Day.
    10  Why does Tarrant County Public Health’s Joint Control Order supersede the guidance issued by the Texas Educational Agency (TEA)?    The TEA is the state agency that oversees primary and secondary public education and is headed by the commissioner of education. The TEA improves outcomes for all public-school students in the state by providing leadership, guidance, and support to school systems. While the TEA is a governmental organization, section § 81.082 of the Texas Health and Safety Code gives the Local Health Authority the power to issue control measures on an individual or group.


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