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    community youth development program

    The Community Youth Development (CYD) program was established with funds authorized by the 74th Legislature for the purpose of reducing juvenile crime in areas of Texas with the highest incidence of youth crime.

    The CYD program is targeted at the high juvenile crime ZIP code areas of 76106 and 76164. These ZIP codes are located in the Northside area of Fort Worth.  

    These programs are operated by a partnership between Tarrant County Public Health and the local 76106/76164 Community Collaborative Committee. The role of the Community Collaborative Committee is to assess the local community needs and select appropriate services. Tarrant County Public Health (TCPH) acts as the fiscal agent and manages the subcontracts with youth service providers. These zip code-based programs provide juvenile delinquency prevention services focused on youth-based curriculum classes/activities, recreational services, youth leadership, mentoring, academic support services, recreation, after-school activities, life skills classes, and other appropriate services as determined at the local level.

    The CYD Program is strongly community-based, with decision making and funding allocations made at the local level. CYD is an unusually flexible and potentially powerful tool for communities to use in their efforts to support positive options for youth.

    The program began in April 1996 with eight youth service providers. There are currently five youth agencies providing services under the CYD umbrella.