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    TCIR is an Internet-based tool that easily and cost-effectively tracks and assesses the immunization status of Tarrant County residents in the registry.

    TCIR safeguards immunization records while maintaining client privacy, security and confidentiality. Immunization information is entered into the TCIR after obtaining consent from the parent/guardian/client. This information is only available to authorized people. Immunization records for children younger than 18 years of age are reported to the Texas Department of State Health Services Registry.

    Wherever you are in the state of Texas, your child’s shot record will be available.

    laptop with TX flag

    The benefits of TCIR:

    • Provides fast, online access to a client’s immunization history, which saves money and time for parents
      and providers.
    • Offers simplified immunization record updating.
    • Consolidates records scattered across multiple providers, enabling an immunization needs assessment based on more complete and accurate data.
    • Reduces the cost and risks of unnecessary (duplicate) immunizations.
    • Produces a client reminder list when immunizations are due.
    • Allows use of a client recall list when immunizations are overdue.

    For more information about TCIR, call: 817-413-6312 or e-mail:


    Immunization Registry Coordinator
    Tarrant County Public Health
    1500 Circle Drive, Suite 300
    Fort Worth, Texas 76119