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    The greatest risk for preterm birth is having had a prior preterm birth. Women who have already had a premature baby need special attention when they are pregnant. African-American babies are also at high risk of being born too early, but premature birth affects babies of all races and ethnicities. One out of every nine babies in Tarrant County is born too soon.

    It is natural for a mother to want to protect her baby. Sometimes, a baby will be born early no matter what the mother and her health care providers do. But there is one thing some women can do to help increase their chances of having a full-term baby – 17P!

    17P is a progesterone medicine that can help prevent preterm birth in some pregnant women who have already had a preterm birth. Progesterone is a hormone that a woman’s body makes naturally during pregnancy. Extra progesterone for some women can help to prevent another preterm birth.

    As a woman who may be at risk for preterm births, it's important for you to learn all you can about what you can do to help increase your chances of having a full-term baby.