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    Millennials and Cancer Risk

    I was surprised to learn from about a recent study that shows millennials (individuals born from 1980 - 1995) are at an increased risk for colorectal cancer.

    The study, found in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute*, warns the data should be a sign that this generation faces an epidemic of digestive diseases - and suggests we begin screening people in their early 20s, rather than in their 60s.

    Tarrant County Public Health (TCPH) urges residents 27 years and older to become more aware of their health status, especially their diet and other habits that could contribute to the development of bowel cancer and other diseases.

    Adjusting one's diet can help anyone lessen the chances of developing bowel cancer and other diseases. A regular physical is also a wise precaution.

    TCPH provides useful nutritional information as well as tasty monthly recipes via its "Live A More Colorful Life!" initiative. Further information can be found at


    Veerinder (Vinny) Taneja

    Tarrant County Public Health Director


    * "Colorectal Cancer Incidence Patterns in the United States, 1974–2013"