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    As relatively new residents of North Texas, my family and I are learning to adjust to the summertime heat. I also have two small children, so whenever I hear of any child left in a car on a hot day, my heart breaks.

    As the director of the health department --and a concerned parent-- I urge Tarrant County residents, especially parents and families, to stay aware of the dangers of heat, and to be extra cautious for the safety of your little ones when you’re out and about this summer. 


    baby in car seat

    While it’s nice to have a rain shower or two to break up these long summer days, remember that any standing water left behind gives mosquitoes an opportunity to breed. Please remain mindful of this too, and be vigilant in keeping your homes and properties free of standing water. It’s time to Be Mosquito Free.

    Have a safe and enjoyable summer!


    Veerinder (Vinny) Taneja

    Tarrant County Public Health Director