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    Employees Matter

    Tarrant County Public Health (TCPH) is committed to improving its performance and the level of service it offers to the residents of Tarrant County and all the clients we serve. One of the ways we do this is through ongoing employee input and involvement in projects that promote efficiency and/or improved service in a specific function of public health.

    TCPH staff includes more than 450 professionals skilled in nursing, microbiology, environmental and laboratory sciences, and many other health-related specialties. As part of our performance management, much if not most of our continuous quality improvement efforts are employee-driven. Their energy, enthusiasm, experience and desire to better serve our clients generates many ideas for improvements in much of what we do.  


    Increased Treatment Rates for People with Latent Tuberculosis

    One of the early CQI projects involved an improvement in tuberculosis (TB) treatment rates. TCPH's Tuberculosis Elimination division employees developed an initiative to improve the completion rates of latent TB infection treatment (LTBI) for homless shelter residents, refugees and people exposed to TB cases.

    In 2014, the treatment rates were historically below the national average. LTBI treatment is prescribed to prevent someone from developing active TB, and an increase in LTBI treatment completion rates leads to a decrease in the number of active cases. This project allowed for the delivery of a newer treatment regimen, which shortened the duration of therapy.

    Other examples of improved service and delivery will be included on this page in the days ahead. Ongoing employee efforts will be highlighted in regular newsletters accessible on this page as well.


    As a nationally accredited health department, Tarrant County Public Health is committed to continuously improving the quality of our services that are part of our mission to safeguard our community's health.