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    Program Objectives


    • To assist in the reduction of jail overcrowding
    • To expedite release of eligible defendants from custody, thereby alleviating unnecessary detention of certain pretrial defendants
    • To reduce failure-to-appears in court and improve public safety by providing custody and supervision of defendants released on personal bond
    • To reduce injustices in the pretrial release system by ensuring a fair and equitable manner for eligible defendants to be released from jail

    Service to the Community

    • Pretrial Services allows defendants with roots and ties to the community an opportunity to obtain release from jail pending trial.
    • Pretrial Services provides Tarrant County with a cost-effective means to effectively and safely reduce jail overcrowding.
    • Defendants released on personal bond are able to maintain their employment, provide support for their families and meet financial obligations while awaiting dispositions of their case.
    • By facilitating the release of qualified defendants on personal bond, Pretrial Services provides a cost savings to Tarrant County by reducing the number of defendants incarcerated while awaiting trail and reducing the cost of pretrial detention.