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    About Pretrial Services

    Tarrant County Pretrial Services is a county-funded department which offers an alternative to incarceration, allowing arrested defendants to be released from jail while awaiting disposition of their criminal charges.  Pretrial caseworkers interview defendants and make recommendations to the court on whether a defendant should be released on personal bond.  In addition, they monitor compliance and provide case-management to assure that defendants report to court and successfully comply with all conditions of bond.

    The program is designed to help qualified individuals who have been arrested in Tarrant County, who are charged with a Class A or B misdemeanor or non-violent felony offense, obtain jail release.  A Pretrial Bond is a personal bond offered as an alternative to jail incarceration for those individuals who qualify.

    The Pretrial Program maintains a stance of neutrality.  No assumptions are made regarding innocence or guilt.  For those seeking release from jail, an interview and background investigation are required.  The program's function is to collect and verify data pertinent to the defendant's character, reliability, community ties, family ties, past record and current charges.  If released on personal bond, Pretrial caseworkers monitor compliance and provide case management to assure that defendants make all scheduled court appearances and successfully comply with conditions of bond.