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    County receives rebate for software development investment

            The Tarrant County Commissioners Court received a refund check Tuesday for more than $300,000 in return for its participation in the development of a software program that is being used by other Texas Counties. In the past five years, more than $658,000 has been rebated to Tarrant County through the statewide Tech Share program.

            The distribution check came as the result of Collin County’s purchase of the TechShare.Juvenile Resource program that tracks and monitors cases as they move through the juvenile justice system.  It was jointly developed by Tarrant, Dallas and Bexar Counties in cooperation with Texas Juvenile Justice Department. In 2013, Denton County purchased the program resulting in a $254,000 check to the Tarrant County.

            Over the past 10 years, Tarrant County has played a leadership role in developing the statewide TechShare program with the Conference of Urban Counties in Austin.  The program lets counties and state agencies share the costs of technology development instead of paying for these costs individually.  Tarrant County saved local taxpayers almost $7 million through its participation in two programs – TechShare.Juvenile Resource and the Common Integrated Justice System (CIJS), a software program that allows for the tracking of lawsuits filed in County and District Courts.  

            Unlike software programs generically applicable to states and counties across the nation, the TechShare program allows Texas counties to develop software designed for Texas laws.

            In addition to the cost savings realized through software development, the County also receives refund checks when counties that did not participate in the development phase purchase the software for their own use.  

            This is the third refund check received by Tarrant County under the TechShare program.  In 2010, the county received a check for $104,000 for CIJS.

            Had Tarrant County paid to develop the TechShare.Juvenile Resource program on its own, it would have cost more than $5 million.  Under the joint development contract, Tarrant’s cost was only $3.7 million – a cost savings of $1.3 million. Tarrant County taxpayers have previously realized a savings of $5.6 million for the CIJS.

            That’s a total savings of $6.9 million for participation in the TechShare program, not counting the three refund checks totaling about $658,000.  So far, the 21 counties participating in the two completed TechShare programs have seen a savings of more than $64 million, when the cost of developing software independently is compared to purchasing generic software, according to the Conference of Urban Counties.

    For more information, please contact Marc Flake, Public Information Officer, at 817-884-2535.


    News release date: April 10, 2015