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    40th Anniversary of the Fall of Saigon

    A Moment of Remembrance, Reflection, & A Time to Look Ahead


    Tarrant County, TX – Tarrant County Commissioners Court will be hosting a reception at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, April 21st, immediately preceding Commissioner’s Court. The reception will be followed by a special historic video and formal presentation of an important resolution to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Fall of Saigon.

    About the Fall of Saigon

    On April 30, 1975, Saigon, the capitol of South Vietnam was captured. This event marked the end of the Vietnam War and the start of a transition period leading to the formal reunification of Vietnam into a socialist republic, governed by the Communist Party of Vietnam.

    The fall of the city was preceded by the evacuation of almost all the American civilian and military personnel in Saigon, along with tens of thousands of South Vietnamese civilians associated with the southern regime. The evacuation culminated in Operation Frequent Wind, the largest helicopter evacuation in history.

    About Tarrant County Commissioners Court
    The Commissioners Court is the general governing body of Tarrant County. The Court is made up of the County Judge who is elected countywide and presides over the full Court, and the four County Commissioners – each elected from one of the County’s four precincts.

    The four County Commissioners have both countywide and precinct responsibilities. Each commissioner is responsible for construction and maintenance of County roads within his or her precinct. Commissioners are responsible to the particular needs of people living within their areas of the County. In Tarrant County, each member of Commissioners Court serves as a liaison to a particular board or agency of the County such as the Hospital District.

    Our current Commissioners are Judge B. Glen Whitley, Roy Charles Brooks (Precinct 1), Andy H. Nguyen (Precinct 2), Gary Fickes (Precinct 3) and J.D. Johnson (Precinct 4).


    To learn more about this event, please contact:

    Mary Gilman, Community Outreach Coordinator
    Office of Commissioner Andy H. Nguyen
    Tarrant County Precinct 2
    700 E. Abram, Suite 304
    Arlington, TX 76010
    Phone: 817-548-3900



    News release date: April 14, 2015