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    The new version of, launched on October 30, not only looks different, it has been specifically designed to make it easier to find frequently sought services.  Furthermore, it has been reformatted to be equally accessible whether you are using a home computer, a laptop or mobile device.

    During the redesign, departments were asked to include information on their individual landing pages that reflected the questions they regularly receive from the public.

    The new version also puts the Tarrant County Commissioners Court out front, allowing the public to have more direct access to those elected officials fiscally responsible for all County operations.

    Additionally, Tarrant County has worked with the website developer Adobe to provide a more flexible platform for the display of information.  This will allow for more use of video and social media to get word out to county residents.

    The public is encouraged to open, and explore all the new features.  However, the roll-out is being carried out in phases, so that some pages will still look like the old version until they are replaced.

    Let us know what you think.

    News release date: October 29, 2014