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    Tarrant County Elections Administrator Issues Advice to Early Voters:

    Early Voting is underway in Tarrant County and continues through Friday, November 2nd.  Early voting sites throughout the county are experiencing a record turnout of voters.
    Due to the high voter turnout, Tarrant County Elections Administrator Steve Raborn is advising early voters not to wait until Thursday or Friday to cast an early voting ballot.  "In every election, the last two days of early voting bring the greatest turnout of voters, and often long lines at the early voting polling places" said Raborn.  "Some early voting sites may have wait times of more than an hour on Friday, November 2nd."
    Raborn advises voters to vote earlier during the week.  Early voting sites are open from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. during this final week. 
    There are 44 locations throughout the county where registered voters of Tarrant County may cast early ballots this week. These locations and the full early voting schedule are available on the Tarrant County Elections website located at
    Eligible voters who reside in Tarrant County may cast an early ballot at ANY of the 44 early voting sites. In addition, early voting in Texas is "excuse free" - early voters do not need to provide any reason or excuse for voting early. Early voting is for any registered voter who would like to cast his or her ballot prior to election day.
    Identification is required in order to vote early or on election day.  Voters should be prepared to show their voter registration certificate or some other type of identification before voting.
    Other elections information such as sample ballots, early voting polling places, election day polling places, and important dates pertaining to upcoming elections is available on the Tarrant County Elections website located at
    Residents of Tarrant County with voter registration or election questions should contact the Elections Department at 817-831-VOTE (8683).
    For more information contact Steve Raborn, Elections Administrator, at 817-831-6480.