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    Clock Tower Rededication

    Clock Tower Rededication
    What: Rededication of the Historic Courthouse Clock Tower
    When: 11:45 a.m. TODAY, Tuesday, October 23

    100 Main Street, across from the main entrance to the Historic Courthouse.


    County Judge B. Glen Whitley

    Historic Courthouse Clock Tower facts:
    • Cost -- $4.5 million (estimated cost was $5 million)
    • 40 craftsmen have worked on the project: Coppersmiths, masons, carpenters, iron fabricators, painters and scaffold builders
    • Started April 2011 (Bell stopped ringing)
    • $800,000 for copper work
    • 6,000 pounds of copper
    • 7,200 pounds of stainless steel panels under the copper
    For more information contact Marc Flake, Public Information Officer, at 817-884-2535.