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    New Vehicle Registration Fee Schedule Goes Into Effect Sept 1

    The first change to simplify Texas' vehicle registration fees in 25 years was passed by the state legislature and is now effective with September registration renewals.
    These changes impact what Tarrant County residents will pay to register cars, light and heavy-duty trucks, motor homes (RVs) and trailers - including travel trailers.
    The new, simplified fee structure was designed to make it easier for vehicle owners to know what they owe and reduces administrative costs for the state, counties and private businesses.
    Owners of older cars or light trucks will see a small (about $10) increase in their registration fee to $62.75,  because the state determined the new fee should be based on the amount of wear and tear the vehicle's weight does to our roadways instead of being based on the vehicle's age, said Tarrant County Tax Assessor-Collector Ron Wright.
    Owners of heavy vehicles (more than 6,000 pounds), who previously paid registration fees calculated by 100-pound weight increments, will now pay based on one of seven weight classifications. The fees for 75 different trailer categories, which include travel trailers, will be reduced to one annual fee: It will cost $56.00 in Tarrant County to register any trailer or travel trailer up to 6,000 pounds.
    "The simplified fee structure is not designed to make more money for the state or county," said Wright.  "Its purpose is to apply common sense and fairness to what was a very complicated and complex fee structuring system that was difficult to understand and expensive for the state to maintain."
    Another change effective September 1st is that vehicle owners will no longer be required to pay $5 license plate transfer fee.  In the past this fee was charged when license plates on a car or truck was traded in or sold and transferred to another vehicle.
    "From now on, vehicle owners need to think of their license plates as a personal identification number, and turning them over to someone else means that person can run up toll charges and even commit a criminal act that points to you as the culprit," said Wright.  "Now that transferring your plates is free, I encourage everyone to take advantage of this new procedure."
    The procedure is simple, file a Vehicle Transfer Notification, and remove your license plates from the old vehicle.  Visit your local tax office and transfer your plates to your new vehicle or a vehicle you currently own.  A Vehicle Transfer Notification can be done online at
    For more information about the new fee structure or the vehicle transfer notification procedure, contact any of the eight Tarrant County Tax Office locations, visit us at the Tax Assessor Collector's home page via, or e-mail us directly to: attention Ron Wright.   You may also find out more detailed fee structure information at