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    When will the death certificate be issued?

    When will the death certificate be issued and how may I obtain one?

    Effective 2007, the Texas Health and Safety Code, Section §193.005, requires that medical certifiers of a death certificate submit the medical certification and attest to its validity using an electronic process approved by the State Registrar (Texas Electronic Registrar).

    Link to Statute

    Also, Section §193.003 requires the medical examiner to complete the medical certification no later than five days after receiving the death certificate.  In a large number of cases, the exact cause of death may be pending laboratory testing or investigation.  In those cases, the medical examiner will file a “pending” death certificate, which is later amended upon completion of all necessary laboratory testing or investigation.

    Link to Statute


    Certified copies of a death certificate may be obtained through the funeral home or crematorium that handled the decedent’s final arrangements, a local vital statistics registrar or directly from the Texas Bureau of Vital Statistics.

    Link to Bureau of Vital Statistics