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    Report a Fire Hazard

    A fire or life safety hazard is defined as any condition that endangers the safety of a structure or its occupants, and promotes or causes fire or combustion. The Fire Marshal’s Office will investigate a hazard complaint in the unincorporated areas of Tarrant County, involving any of the following:

    1. The presence of a flammable substance;
    2. A dangerous or dilapidated wall, ceiling or other structural element;
    3. Improper electrical components, heating or other building services or facilities;
    4. The presence of a dangerous chimney, flue, pipe, main, or stove or of dangerous wiring;
    5. Dangerous storage, including storage or use of hazardous substances; or
    6. Inappropriate means of egress, fire protection or other fire-related safeguard.

    To report a hazard to the Tarrant County Fire Marshal’s Office on any of the above situations, you may email us or call 817-838-4660.

    If the complaint is on property located within a city limit, you must call that corresponding city.