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    Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Program

    What you can expect of this program:

    • Honesty - Sometimes it may be difficult to hear "brutal truth" about your child's behavior, but open, honest communication is necessary.
    • Sincerity - We want to assist you with your problem.
    • Confidentiality - Except when required by law, all communications and information gathered through the program is held in strict confidence.


    What this program will not do for you:

    • Instantly "cure" your child's fire setting behavior - We will attempt to identify the root cause or causes of your child's behavior. Many times the cause has existed for a long period of time and cannot be changed quickly.
    • Scare your child into ceasing his or her behavior - Most of the time fire play is a symptom of a much deeper problem or even simple curiosity. Scare tactics are ineffective in eliminating the cause and serve to mask the symptom, only to have the behavior resurface later. Education and/or counseling can set the child on the right path.
    • Counsel your child to deal with mental health issues - We are not trained mental health counselors. Sometimes children and families need professional counselors to help them resolve underlying problems.


    What this program expects of you:

    • Honesty - We need to know intimate details to accurately assess the root cause of your child's fire setting behavior.
    • Participation - Your participation is necessary to help your child overcome his or her dangerous behavior. Your child needs your support and guidance in this time of self-examination and change.
    • Commitment - We expend a great deal of effort to identify the cause of your child's behavior and educate him or her regarding fire safety and other developmental issues. We need your commitment to work with us and your child to achieve a successful outcome.