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    November 6, 2007, Joint Election Results

    November 6, 2007
    Unofficial Joint Election Results

    Unofficial election results will be posted
    beginning at 7 p.m. on Election Night


    Cumulative Reports



    Important Note: The Cumulative Elections Results report will be posted at approximately 7 p.m. on election night displaying the early voting results.  This report will then be updated approximately every half hour beginning about 8:30 p.m. as election day polling places deliver their results to the counting stations.  Please refresh your browser to view updated results.



    Precinct-by-Precinct Reports

    Important Note: The Precinct-by-Precinct reports listed below in the "Contest Name" column will be posted only after all polling places have reported to the counting stations.  Only those contests that have more than one precinct are included in these reports.




    Political Subdivision Contest Name
     All  All contests (7.4 MB - 1,345 pages)

     Tarrant County

     State Representative District 97


     Constitutional Amendment 1


     Constitutional Amendment 2


     Constitutional Amendment 3


     Constitutional Amendment 4


     Constitutional Amendment 5


     Constitutional Amendment 6


     Constitutional Amendment 7


     Constitutional Amendment 8


     Constitutional Amendment 9


     Constitutional Amendment 10


     Constitutional Amendment 11


     Constitutional Amendment 12


     Constitutional Amendment 13


     Constitutional Amendment 14


     Constitutional Amendment 15


     Constitutional Amendment 16


     City of Arlington 

     Proposition - City of Arlington


     City of Fort Worth

     Fort Worth City Council District 9


     Proposition 1 - City of Fort Worth



     City of Keller

     Street Tax Proposition - City of Keller


     Library Bond Proposition - City of Keller



     City of Lake Worth

     Proposition - City of Lake Worth



     City of Southlake

     Proposition 1 - City of Southlake


     Proposition 2 - City of Southlake


     Proposition 3 - City of Southlake


     Proposition 4 - City of Southlake


     Proposition 5 - City of Southlake


     Proposition 6 - City of Southlake


     Proposition 7 - City of Southlake


     Proposition 8 - City of Southlake


     Proposition 9 - City of Southlake


     Proposition 10 - City of Southlake



     City of Watauga

     Proposition 1 - City of Watauga


     Proposition 2 - City of Watauga


     Proposition 3 - City of Watauga


     Proposition 4 - City of Watauga


     Proposition 5 - City of Watauga


     Proposition 6 - City of Watauga


     Proposition 7 - City of Watauga


     Proposition 8 - City of Watauga



    Fort Worth ISD    Proposition 1 - Fort Worth ISD
         Proposition 2 - Fort Worth ISD

    Lake Worth ISD

     Proposition 1 - Lake Worth ISD



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