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    What are the Responsibilities of an Election Clerk?

    Working under the supervision of the polling place judge, student election clerks may assist with the following duties:

    • Organizing the polling place before the polls open.
    • Ensuring that qualified voters are permitted to vote.
    • Checking in and processing voters.
    • Distributing ballots to registered voters.
    • Providing instructions and assistance to voters.
    • Answering voters’ questions.
    • Explaining the use of the voting equipment.
    • Maintaining order in the polling place on Election Day.
    • Obtaining results after the polls are closed and closing the polling place.
    • Serving as an interpreter for voters who speak a language other than English.





    Tarrant County Elections Administration

    2700 Premier Street

    Fort Worth, TX 76111

    Phone#: 817-831-8683

    Hours of Business: Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.