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    If the case is not a Texas Attorney General's office case or in the IV-D Monitoring Program, the Custodial Parent has the option to enforce a child support obligation by applying for services through this office.


    If you are a Custodial Parent, ask yourself the following questions:

    1. Do you have a final Tarrant County order?

    2. Does the subject child/children reside with you in Tarrant County?

    3. Does the order state a specific amount to be paid and a specific date on which the payment is due?
      $300 monthly due February 1, 2000, and every first day of every month thereafter...

    4. Are the child support payments ordered to be paid through either the State Disbursement Unit or the Tarrant County Child Support Office?

    5. Can you provide a physical home or work address for the Non-Custodial Parent?


    Children Running

    If you answered YES to the questions above, please contact this office, so we can determine if an application for services is appropriate.

    If your court order also includes provisions for medical support, enforcement of medical support can be included in your request for enforcement of child support.  Find out more about medical support enforcement

    NOTE: Your case must first meet the conditions for enforcement of child support.





    Tarrant County Family Law Center



    Family Law Center

    Second Floor

    200 East Weatherford Street

    Fort Worth, Texas 76196

    Phone: 817-884-1879


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