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    Participants will develop an individualized treatment plan.

    A phase system is utilized to measure participant progress.

    Services for education, counseling and other needs are provided by outside agencies.

    Participants are referred to these agencies throughout the program as needed.

    Supervision Monitoring - A case manager will monitor each participant placed in the program. The case manager will work closely with the program manager and service providers.

    Compliance Hearing - All participants are required to attend bi-monthly compliance hearings. During the hearing, the progress of each participant is reviewed in open court. Both incentives and sanctions are used as methods of motivation.

    Disposition of Court Case - The Veterans Court Diversion Program is a six - to - 24 month program. The period directly relates to the participant's needs and/or compliance. Upon successful completion of the program, the case(s) is/are dismissed. In the event the agreement is terminated, the case(s) is/are remanded to the court of origin for continued prosecution.

    Program Cost

    The program is subject to program fees up to $500. JIV may be responsible for costs of treatment services including -- but not limited to -- drug urinalysis, evaluations, inpatient/outpatient treatment, counseling, etc.