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    Other Behavioral Intervention with Assault Non-family (OBI WAN) Program

    People talking

    OBI WAN is an extension of the YODA program for defendants with simple assault cases involving persons who are not family members defined as blood relative, related by marriage or intimate relationship with another family member (i.e., roommates). This program has the eligibility requirements of YODA such as:

    • First time offenders only (individuals with past juvenile charges may be considered on a case-by-case basis)
    • Ages 17-25 at time of enrollment into program
    • Cannot be on probation/parole
    • Cannot have other pending charges
    • Cannot have any pending felony charges or convictions of felony charges

    Must be:

    • Willing to make changes in their lives and participate in counseling, which includes providing input, feedback and disclosing personal information;
    • Willing to adhere to the attendance policy and participation rules; and
    • Willing to be drug-free and sober.

    The program also has additional eligibility requirements:

    • The participant must be actively attending school full-time and/or employed.

      For questions about admittance into the program, please contact Debra Bezner at 817-884-2647